General Information

Last year there was a shared first place between the teams from Germany and Serbia. Therefore IPMC 2019 will be hosted by Germany this year. This year’s competition will be held in Nuremberg.

The city of Nuremberg

History: Dive into the impressive history of the second largest city in Bavaria and enjoy the amenities of a lively urban place. Discover how harmonious the interplay of historic buildings from the early 1050s and modern architecture can be on a walk through the Old Town.

Sight-Seeing: Many historical sights determine the townscape of Nuremberg’s Old Town. The landmark, the Kaiserburg is a must for every visitor to Nuremberg. Also, the big city churches St. Sebald, St. Lorenz, and the Frauenkircheshould not be missed on any tour. The Henkerstegand the Weinstadel, as well as the Heilig-Geist-Spitalon the banks of the Pegnitzoffer picturesque sceneries.

Food, Party & Drinks: Get to know the culinary uniqueness of the city during a walking tour through the Old Town. Here, you’ll not only learn what is special about the city’s beer, bratwurst, gingerbread and more, but you’ll also be able to taste Nuremberg specialties.